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We will help you understand what is needed to be successful in MiVeda by offering both training and support. We will email you these details to your registered email ID (which you enter below when you register). Therefore it is important that the email ID you use below is active and you should check your email account at least every few days after joining.

To register as a MiVeda Distributor, fill in the form below. You can do this online or you can fill in a hardcopy form and send it to us in the post. If you use a hardcopy form, then once we receive your registration form, we will provide you with your MiVeda Distributor Identification Number.

If you need some help (or more detail) to fill out the registration form, please click on the How to Register (online) as a MiVeda distributor video in English or in Hindi.

In order to become an active MiVeda Distributor, there is also a requirement that you purchase Rs 4000 of product. Your registration will be activated when we receive your order.

You can order products by entering the MiVeda Member’s Area (using your registered email ID and password – see registration form below) and clicking on the “Place an Order” icon. If you need some help in ordering products, please click on the how to order products video in English or in Hindi.

If you have any other questions, please review: the FAQs on our website, or contact the person who introduced you to MiVeda, or send us an email at

Welcome again to MiVeda and we look forward to working with you to improve the health and well-being of the community.

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