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Complete Mineral Solution


Complete Mineral Solution
Provides minerals and Trace Elements
200 mls

MRP: Rs.155

Complete Mineral Solution contains a combination of essential minerals and trace elements which are required for good health.  

There is mounting evidence that many people in the population are deficient in minerals and especially trace elements. There are many reasons for this, but in particular it relates to our modern diet.

There has been a severe depletion of nutrients from our agricultural soils over the last 100 years. This has been well documented in many Government reports. Thus, fruits and vegetables grown in these soils may no longer contain adequate mineral nutrients.

Modern marketing techniques for fruit and vegetables require transport from distant growing regions to centralised retail outlets. In order to avoid damage and spoilage during transport, fruit is picked "green" and often artificially ripened at the end point. This does not allow for adequate uptake of mineral nutrients during the growing phase.

Genetic modification of food has lead to a number of changes, one of which is the rapid ripening of fruit and vegetables (shortened growth cycle) which in turn does not allow full uptake of minerals in your food.

Consequently our modern food is often nutritionally inadequate and deficient in minerals (especially trace elements).

Solution: For most people, the best option is to take supplements of minerals and other antioxidants. However, you must be sure the supplements are effective because there are numerous consumer reports that many commercial supplements do not contain effective ingredients or are not absorbed by the body in an effective way.

Complete Mineral Solution is sourced in the Himalaya Mountains. This provides pure, fresh drinking water that has been especially selected because of its high natural mineral content. Not only does this provide a fantastic nutritional supply of minerals and trace elements, but it also originates from a spiritually significant location.


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