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CO (Cardio Omega) Supplement


CO (Cardio Omega) Supplement
For Cardio and Joint Health
60 Caps

MRP: Rs.995

CO (Cardio Omega) Supplement contains a powerful combination of omega oils which can contribute to good cardio and joint health. 

Recent medical scientific studies have shown that Omega Fatty Acids can contribute beneficially to good cardiac health. It helps prevent cardio-vascular disease and also seems to reduce cardiac arterial blockages. It has also been shown to reduce arthritic joint problems (and decrease pain).

Krill Oil has been researched considerably in recent years. The scientific results indicate that Krill Oil is many times (approximately 7 to 9) more effective than standard Omega Fish Oil Supplements.

With this modern research in mind, Omega Oils (in particular Krill Oil) are recommended where there is a need. Since the rate of heart disease is dramatically increasing in India, it is a sensible supplement to use for prevention and maintenance purposes.


The ingredients are:

Euphausia Superba - Krill Oil (equivalent to a combination of Omega Fatty Acids; EicosaPentaenoic Acid [EPA]; DocosaHexaenoic Acid [DHA]; Astaxanthin); Safflower Oil; Evening Primrose Oil (equivalent to Gamma-Linolenic Acid [GLA]; Linseed Oil; r,s-alpha Lipoic Acid; Flax Seed Oil                


If you need extra special help with your cardiac or joint health, we recommend you try MiVeda CO (Cardio Omega) Supplement.

The combination of different Omega Oils is second to none in India.

It is also important to know that not all nutritional products (manufactured by other companies) have all the ingredients they say they have in them. Read here to find out what we mean. MiVeda prides itself on quality control measures to ensure all products are exactly as stated.


Fact Sheet

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