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Essential Minerals


Essential Minerals
Macro Mineral Requirements
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MiVeda Essential Minerals Supplement contains the essential Vitamins and Minerals required for optimum health of bones and to prevent anaemia of the blood. 

Anaemia is a disease caused by not enough iron in the Red Blood Cells and thus not enough oxygen can be transported to the organs in the body. This can have serious consequences. A deficiency of iron may be due to various medical ailments, so if taking MiVeda Essential Mineral Supplement does not help, you should see your medical doctor. However, anaemia can also be caused by lack of iron in the diet, or not enough uptake of iron through the intestinal wall. This is especially when there may be dietary restrictions. Therefore, it is probable the MiVeda Essential Mineral Supplement will help most people suffering from anaemia – especially older people or females who have heavy monthly bleeding.

Similarly, osteoporosis is a common disease of the bones, especially in older people (particularly females). Osteoporosis is a condition where by Calcium leaches out of the bones and so the bones become weak. This often leads to bone fracture and this can have dire consequences (the worst is death). Osteoporosis can have many etiological causes. Lack of Calcium in the diet is one and lack of uptake of Calcium across the intestinal wall is another. MiVeda Essential Minerals Supplement can help overcome both these problems. However osteoporosis may be caused by “Estrogen Dominance Syndrome” and MiVeda is developing a product to help with this issue. However, if in doubt, you should always seek the advice of a medical doctor on these matters.


The added Vitamins and Minerals are: Vitamin D3; Folic Acid; Iron; Calcium; Phosphorous; Zinc.

These Vitamins and Minerals are of proven benefit for healthy bone growth and functional Red Blood Cells.

It is also important to know that not all nutritional products (manufactured by other companies) have all the ingredients they say they have in them. Read here to find out what we mean. MiVeda prides itself on quality control measures to ensure all products are exactly as stated.


Fact Sheet

To download a Fact Sheet about the MiVeda Essential Minerals and Vitamin Supplement then click here