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FreshenPlus Toothpaste


FreshenPlus Toothpaste
With Fluoride
100 ml

MRP: Rs.205

FreshenPlus Toothpaste - with Fluoride


The art of dentistry has developed into a complete science over the last 50 years.  However, it would be imprudent to forsake the wisdom and knowledge acquired over the centuries by Ayurvedic practitioners.


Dr Dale Gerke has used his experience as a specialist dentist, his understanding of the benefits of Ayurvedic herbal formulae, his scientific knowledge as a pharmacologist and his intense desire to help his patients to formulate a wonderful toothpaste which helps prevent disease but also deodorises the mouth. The herbs and other ingredients are particularly good to help resolve any gum disease that is present around the teeth. The Fluoride additive will help prevent, reduce and sometimes reverse decay in teeth.


FreshenPlus Toothpaste has Fluoride included in its ingredients because there are circumstances where this is considered essential for maintaining good oral health. For guidance on this please consult your own dentist. If in doubt, Dr Dale Gerke recommends FreshenPlus Toothpaste.


Peppermint Extract;Clove Oil; Babool Extract; Neem Extract; Fennel Extract;

Precipitated Calcium Carbonate; Sorbitol; Glycerine; Sodium Alginate; Titanium Dioxide; Silica; Sodium Saccharine; Triclosan; Sodium Cocoate; Stablised Chlorine Dioxide; Xylitol; Sodium MonoFluoroPhosphate; Purified Water


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