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Nature's Deodorant


Nature's Deodorant
Eliminate Odour
50 ml

MRP: Rs.175

Nature's Deodorant


This fantastic deodorant is aluminium and paraben free. Nature's Deodorant eliminates the odour caused by bacteria without using harsh ingredients. The powerful herbs act by stopping the bacteria creating rancid fatty acids which have been excreted from the pores of your skin.

Aroma therapeutic essential oils and extracts of: Citrus; Lavender; Lemon Grass; Basil; Frangipani; Menthol; Liquorice; Coriander; Calendula Flower; Mint will leave you smelling and feeling fresh and clean. While the Aloe, Zemea, Olive and Vitamin E will help to sooth your skin.

The blend of natural Ayurvedic ingredients with modern scientific ingredients creates a superb example of what MiVeda stands for - we bridge the gap between ageless human needs and the benefits of modern science.


Application: Roll Nature's Deodorant onto body and under arms when required. Nature's Deodorant is perfect for use as a refreshing body deodorant and balm, especially in the hotter months.



Aloe Vera; Lemon Grass Extract; Basil Extract; Frangipani Fragrance; Menthol Crystals; Liquorice extract; Vitamin E; Herb Water Containing Coriander, Lavender, Calendula Flower, Mint

Zemea (Propanediol); Olivem 1000; Hydroxy Propylmethyl Cellulose; Phenoxyethanol; Xanthan Gum; Glycerin; DM Water


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