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Natural Botanic Soap


Natural Botanic Soap
Herbal Formulation
125 gm

MRP: Rs.210

Natural Botanic Soap

After many years of research and investigation, we have discovered an ancient herbal formula for this brilliant product. This heritage has been passed down the generations.

Natural Botanic Soap is a wonder of Ayurveda and consists of multiple exotic herbs from the Himalayan ranges. These herbs have been recognised for centuries for their cleansing and healing properties.

This combination of wondrous herbs in MiVeda’s Natural Botanic Soap renders deep cleaning of the skin and detoxifies leaving the skin to breath as it was designed to do.

Regular use can make your skin feel radiant and velvet to touch. Surely this is what you want!



Shea Butter; Rose Petal Water; Henna Extract; Aloe Vera; Soya Protein; Olive Oil; Wheat Germ Oil; Sucrose; Allantoin; Sage Oil; Basil Oil; Tea Tree Oil; Forest Honey; Cyprus Oil; Khus Oil; Rose Hip Oil; Lemon Oil; Fennel Water; Ginger Oil; D-Panthanol

Sodium Cocoate; Sodium Stearate; Sodium Laurate; Coco Amido Propyl Betaine; Glycerine; Alfa-Olifin Sulfonate


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