Further Reading


The MiVeda opportunity and MiVeda Compensation Plan are designed to provide distributors with lucrative passive income.

We invite you to read the Robert Kiyosaki books, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, The Cashflow Quadrant, Rich Dad's Guide to Investing and Retire Young, Retire Rich to gain some understanding into the difference between active and passive income.

Working in the "E" quadrant (Employed) and the "S" quadrant (Self-employed) produces only active income and have many associated drawbacks. We really recommend people read Kiyosaki's books to evaluate the economic logic.

The "B" and "I" quadrants (Business and Investment) are where you can make substantial long-term money (with less problems for the recipient). We think most people would agree in principal with this logic.

Unfortunately, the problem for the average person is it is difficult to establish a "B" or the "I" quadrant business. However, a network marketing business allows a person with limited money, little spare time and no experience to do this. In our experience, there is no better way for the average person in the community to generate more cash flow.


As due diligence and evaluation is critical in any business enterprise, we also strongly recommend that you read two books about the MLM industry: You Can Get Rich... Starting Now and My Way to Succeed (e-book)

These books provide a very good overview about the MLM industry, what to look for and how to evaluate an MLM business. If you would like to get this free e-book, then simply ask for it by clicking here.