Car & House Bonuses

The MiVeda Car and House Bonus has been designed to add a considerable extra reward to distributors who are working hard in their business and who have achieved proven, successful results.

The Car Bonus will be offered to a distributor under the following conditions:


  • The distributor must qualify at Emerald level or above for at least 3 consecutive months
  • The distributor must also have a minimum monthly commission bonus (note - this is a bonus amount not the Group Volume amount) of 80,000 INR for the same 3 consecutive months that they qualify at Emerald level or above
  • The extra monthly car bonus will be calculated as at least 10% extra over and above the distributor's normal monthly bonus (to a maximum bonus of 40,000 INR)
  • The minimum car bonus will be 10,000 INR and a maximum of 40,000 INR per month
  • The monthly car bonus will only be paid if the distributor maintains their minimum required qualification levels which will be 80,000 INR per month commission bonus and also a minimum level of Emerald or above
  • The car bonus will only be paid to distributors who can verify they have purchased a new car (after qualification) and can show a receipt and proof of ownership, and
  • The car bonus will be paid at the discretion of the company and is only paid in genuine circumstances

The House Bonus follows the same requirements as the Car Bonus. However, to qualify for the House Bonus a distributor must have qualified for the Car Bonus for 36 consecutive months prior to eligibility for the House Bonus being awarded.


Both the Car and House Bonus have been designed to add a considerable extra reward to distributors. However, we have no desire to place additional work or financial pressure on distributors. As such we expect all distributors who qualify for these bonuses to have a consistently well performing business. It is for this reason that we have placed stringent requirements on qualifications for the bonuses. MiVeda urges all distributors to discuss the particular bonus program with corporate management staff and their upline before they apply for and start the reward program.