Direct Selling Commissions

MiVeda has introduced a completely unique concept to the MiVeda Compensation Plan which has never been done before!

MiVeda will allow a "Direct Seller" alternative within the existing Compensation Plan.

This means that all distributors will be able to elect to be involved with MiVeda as an MLM distributor or as a Direct Seller.


If you want to become a MiVeda Direct Seller, you should note the below guidelines:

  1. If you want to be a MiVeda Direct Seller, you will need to email us at this email ID and let us know you want to be a Direct Seller.
  2. Direct Sellers can be sponsored by existing MLM distributors.
  3. Direct Sellers cannot sponsor anyone. In other words, a Direct Seller will not be eligible for any downline bonuses because they will not have any downline.
  4. Direct Sellers can elect at a later date to change to the MLM Compensation Plan, which will transfer the Direct Seller to the MLM Compensation Plan upon notifying MiVeda.
  5. Upline sponsors of Direct Sellers will be paid the usual commissions for sponsoring a Direct Seller. However all Terms and Conditions of being a MiVeda Distributor must be kept especially in regards to lines of sponsorship.
  6. Direct Sellers will be paid 20% commission on monthly sales.  
  7. Direct Sellers will need to purchase a minimum of Rs 4000 each month before they are eligible for a monthly commission bonus.
  8. Direct Sellers will also be able to retail MiVeda products for a retail profit, which is the difference between the Distributor Price and the MRP.
  9. Direct Sellers will need to submit a report of their sales/purchases every month for verification by the MiVeda payment team.
  10. Direct Sellers will be eligible for an additional Pooled Retail Bonus. Click here to read details about this bonus.