Earn more money.

MiVeda offers a unique opportunity for people to change their life and family lifestyle by becoming involved in a lucrative distributorship business.

The MiVeda opportunity allows people the chance to gain financial freedom and independence.

The MiVeda distributorship opportunity is based on decades of practical and successful experience as well as the detailed analysis and research of countless MLM companies in India, and particularly their distributor Compensation Plans. As a result of this research, MiVeda concluded that most  competitor Compensation Plans failed to adequately reward their distributors.

MiVeda’s Compensation Plan was developed to be generous and fair to distributors, and to meet the following criteria:

  • Pay the highest possible commissions to all distributors
  • Be simple, easy to understand and easily explained to others
  • Pay new distributors generously
  • Reward distributors early in their career
  • Encourage people to find and sponsor new people
  • Encourage people to help and train their downline and to "build depth"
  • Be a long term plan that rewards distributors who have built a successful distributorship and who wish to rely on the income from their distributorship in retirement
  • Encourage all leaders within the MiVeda business to work together as a team, whilst allowing them to manage their distributorships with autonomy and flexibility
  • Pay leaders very large amounts of money if they develop large and successful distributorships
  • Provide additional rewards that are extraordinary and unmatched
  • Be benevolent to the underprivileged sections of society through charitable donations
  • Support the community


The MiVeda Compensation Plan meets these criteria and is inspired by the underlying principle that MiVeda’s Distributors are integral to the success of MiVeda as a company.

This principle is reflected in our mission to help and care for the Indian community, and to care for our Distributors.


It is this principle that has been reflected in our mission to help and care for the Indian community, but most of all, to care for our Distributors.